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Prepare your child for a bright future

Your child has remarkable gifts just waiting to be discovered...

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What if your child
is far more capable
than we could imagine?
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Elementary school Reimagined
Coming to Brighton, MI

you've never seen anything like it.
Your child has their own spark of genius that we believe can be ignited, fed, and used to change the world in a profound way.

Inspiring • Challenging • Engaging

Inspiring Challenging Engaging

“If you're like us, you believe learning should be a fun & exciting adventure – one that challenges your child every day and helps them uncover life’s important lessons. I feel very fortunate to have the rare opportunity  to bring Acton Academy to our community here in Brighton.”

– Scott Taylor, owner of Acton Academy Brighton

Explore your curiosities
Discover your passions
Find a calling
Change the world

Explore your curiosities
Discover your passions
Find a calling
Change the world


Find joy in each day,
be a good friend,
make mistakes,
try your best,
and have fun learning!

Acton Academy's multi-age learning environment supercharges the learning process. You won't spend your days marching along to a rigid curriculum, instead you'll take on engaging Quest-based projects, set goals, form close friendships, problem solve, collaborate, mentor, make difficult decisions, think creatively, persuade audiences, lead mixed-age teams, and create innovative opportunities for the world. The end goal isn’t to simply get a good score on a test, it is to help you discover your passions, grow your unique strengths, and prepare you to impact the world in a meaningful way.

What if your child is far more capable than we could imagine?

Well, we believe
they are.

Cultivating curiosity, resilience & Grit


We believe that asking questions is far more important than simply providing answers.


We believe in a growth mindset and that true talent comes from effort, hard work and perseverance.


We believe in failing quickly, cheaply and often. We celebrate those who try, fail, then try again.

“And yes, they learn reading, writing, and arithmetic using state-of-the-art, game-based teaching tools that have helped them progress at three times the rate of their public school peers.”
“There are no participation trophies allowed at Acton Academy. Instead, your young learner carries around badges of courage, perseverance and honor etched into their hearts to last a lifetime.”
— An Acton Academy Guide
“Acton Academy is one of the most important education developments in the world.”
Tom Vander Ark, Previous Executive Director of Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
“Acton is a truly inspiring and exceptional school.”
Bernard Bull, author of Etale: Education, Innovation, Experimentation
“Acton Academy is on the leading edge of what it means to give students agency of their own learning.”
Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy

Who is Acton Academy for?

Acton is for curious & kind children who are ready for a challenging adventure. Grow your greatest gifts, discover your deepest passions, and figure out how you want to make the world better.

Parent Testimonials

“Our daughter loves learning at Acton. She can’t wait to share her day the moment she jumps into the car. I’m so grateful to see a love for learning come back into her eyes.”
“I would never have believed children could learn so much from each other – until I saw it with my own eyes.”
“Our daughter jumped seven grade levels in Math in two years, but there wasn’t any magic to it; just encouragement from her friends and lots of hard work.”

If you're just discovering Acton...


Do your research,

Choosing the right school is an important decision. First discover how Acton Academy is preparing children for a bright future in the 21st century by devouring our website and watching the videos below.


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$600 "Early bird" Scholarship As a "Thank You" for taking time to learn about Acton Academy, those who complete the three steps before Jan 31 will receive a $600 scholarship towards tuition.

Learn how your child will learn,

These videos take you on a tour of the founding Acton Academy in Austin, Texas.  Acton Academy Brighton operates under the same learning design, curriculum, and philosophies.

Acton Academy Brighton is part of a growing global collaborative network of more than 200 Acton Academies in 30 states and 20 countries. Find out why so many families are bringing Acton Academy to their own communities for their own children.

If you decide to dive deeper, see what a day is like from the students' perspective...

If you love TEDTalks about the forefront of education, enjoy these videos...

Your child has genius within and we believe is destined to change the world. Our goal is to inspire them to believe the same in themselves. Take the first step to ignite the spark that will set them on their own hero’s journey.


Your questions are always welcomed. Please feel free to call, text or email us,
Scott & Cally Taylor, Acton Academy Brighton
586-337-9300 or scottktay@gmail.com
We look forward to connecting with you and your family.

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