Acton Academy @ Wildwood Ranch
presents our 7th annual...

Entrepreneurship Fair
Brighton, MI

10am - noon on Saturday June 1, 2024

Downtown Brighton: 
The State Bank Parking Lot, 134 N 1st St, Brighton, MI

Kids! Create a product or service, design your booth, set your pricing, and then sell to real customers at this public fair.

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All K-8th Grade Entrepreneurs Welcome!

This is an opportunity for young minds to innovate and become entrepreneurs. Prior to the fair, children think of a business idea and then prepare their products or service. The day of the fair, these young entrepreneurs decorate their booth and get to experience the thrill of selling their products or service to the public.

We welcome the general public to come see these entrepreneurs in action. This fair is held in downtown Brighton in the parking lot of The State Bank (across from the farmer's market). The big day is Saturday June 1, 2024, from 10am-noon. Spots are open to all children in grades K-8th. Sign up your young entrepreneur for FREE below.

This event is hosted by Scott & Cally Taylor – Would your child soar in a learning environment that unleashes their natural desires to create, invent, and build? If so, we invite you to discover our Acton Academy @ Wildwood Ranch!

“Just wanted to THANK YOU for heading the Children's Fair Saturday! My son Jamison LOVED the opportunity to sell to the public!”— Cindy

“I want to say thank you for creating and executing such a fantastic event. My daughter loved the experience and learned a lot along the way.  She learned about market saturation as well as supply and demand. She had to lower her prices because there a few other “slime” based businesses she had to compete with. My favorite quote of the day was, “I should have created a product for adults because they have more money!”— Lisa

Kids! Launch your business:

Saturday June 1, 2024

Downtown Brighton
The State Bank parking lot
134 N 1st Street,
Brighton, MI


The State Bank & Brewery Becker for generously allowing us to use their parking lot! And to our supportive community who makes this event possible!

We welcome any questions
Scott & Cally Taylor
(586) 337-9300

"We put on this event because we believe it's never too early for children to embrace the important lessons of entrepreneurship. If you love this type of learning experience for your children, we invite you to discover our Acton Academy @ Wildwood Ranch in Howell!"

Scott & Cally Taylor
The Fair's Hosts

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Sign Up Your Child for their Spot!

Fill out this form to reserve a spot for your child(ren) at the fair on June 3, 2023 in downtown Brighton.  My goal is to keep this event free to every child who wants to participate, so this year we are asking the young entrepreneurs to supply their own table.

Please submit one application per family. Tables, covers, chairs, and electrical outlets are not provided (I've noticed most children end up standing even if they bring chairs).

The spirit of this event is for the children to be in charge! Parent's should step back, stroll through the fair, and trust their young entrepreneurs to figure things out.  (Parents of younger children may sit near their booth, however the children should be 100% in charge of sales and interacting with the customers.)

Please arrive between 8:45 - 9:15am the day of the fair to checkin and set up your booth. The fair opens to the general public at 10am.  By registering, you agree to give event organizers and sponsors permission for your child's photograph and video to be taken and used in future marketing (if this is an issue, contact me separately and we'll accommodate).  For other information, see the FAQ below the registration form. Upon registration and leading up to the fair, I will send out emails with additional fair details.  

Thank you very much for participating! Please let other families know about this event, and invite friends to come join us on June 3 to support these young entrepreneurs and see the results of their hard work!

(If you don't receive a confirmation email or if you don't see boxes to enter your name and info directly below this, please email me at


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided?

Each business will be given a space in the event area to set up their table. Everything else is up to the young entrepreneurs.

My 2 children want to create separate businesses, how do I register them for separate spots?

Please only fill out the registration for once per family. Simply enter the number of spots you would like.

My child wants to work with a friend, should their friends parents sign up too?

Yes please ask their friends parents to fill out our sign up form and simply enter "0" for # of spots.

Can my children work together on the same business?

Sure! I recommend no more than 3 children per business so they each feel like they have ownership over their business. The larger the group, the more likely it is that one of them is taking a back seat to the others, which is not our goal. Our goal is for each child to experience the feeling of ownership of their business.

Can I bring two tables for my children's business?

Please only bring one table for each business. Each table should be a separate business with separate children in charge.

We have a group of children (for example a scout troop), how do we signup and can we all work together?

Great! For each child participating, please ask their parents to fill out the signup form. The spirit of this events is for each child to take charge. I strongly advise letting the children each work on their own business idea, either individually or in a group of 2-3 friends. When a larger group of children works together, it simply becomeas a "bakesale" and the children miss out on this opportunity of launching their own business and feeling in charge.

Can I request my child's spot and their friend's spot be assigned next to each other?

We do not assign spots. The young entrepreneurs pick their spot right after they check in. Please arrive for check-in between 8:45am-9:15am. The selling starts at 10am.

Can my child make multiple types of items to sell?

Of course! It's their business and one of the many business decisions for your young entrepreneur to make. Is it better to focus on one type of item, or many? That's up to the business owner!

Can I drop off my child and then leave?

We are not staffed to supervise individual children. Parents are encouraged to stay around. To provide the full entrepreneurial experience, please remain as hands off as possible, letting the kids take charge. Use the free time to check out the other businesses!

My child is registered for a spot, what time should we arrive to start setting up?

Check-in for the young entrepreneurs starts at 8:45am. They have until 10am to prepare their table with their items/decorations. 10am-noon is when they sell to the public.

How big of a table can I bring?

6 feet or less.

Can I bring a shade tent to put over our table?


Will electricity be available?

Electricity is not able to be provided.

Is food allowed?

"Cottage foods" are allowed. For more information on Cottage Foods, visit: Michigan Cottage Foods Information.
I have another question, how can I contact you?

For additional question, please feel free to contact me:

Scott Taylor
c: 586-337-9300

“Thank you again for the entrepreneurial fair. It was a great learning lesson for my little ones and overall I heard wonderful feedback." – Jennifer

Questions? Feel free to call, text or email me any time, 586-337-9300 or - Scott Taylor